Use in a Bird Cage

Wood Shavings

Another popular lining for bird cages is wood shaving. People opt for this because they believe it helps mask the odors in the cage. But always keep in mind that a healthy bird should have no odor. In the event that you smell something unpleasant from the cage, this might mean that your bird is sick.

Despite its popularity, the use of wood shavings also has a downside. Certain wood chips are harmful for the birds. These include redwood, treated pine, and cedar. When these will come in contact to the skin of birds, it might result in skin inflammations and allergies. Also, these only create an uneven surface, which means it would be quite tough to check the quality and quantity of the droppings.

Use to nesting material :

Regardless of what type of box you use, suitable nesting material is essential as the chicks grow and soil their box. Pine shavings (not dust), aspen shavings (not dust) or “care fresh” bedding are common and safe options that work well. 

Cleaning the box as needed when they chicks are very young, and then daily as they mature will keep their feet and legs clean and will make gripping easier.

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